Ive never been very good at finding the time to sit down and write here. I find that when i do have some time, i just want to be creating art, putting pencil and brush to paper and canvas. Im old fashioned that way, its my go to analogue default.  

Since last posting here - 2 years, dont judge - much has changed in my personal world as well as my studio world. Reading those past posts, I reflect that back then I had time in spadeS for painting. 2 years on, its kind of a tag team effort!. A year or so ago we moved out to the 'country' - i put that in inverted commas because while, yes we are on tank water, have a septic system, no gas, and our main source of heating is a wood fire burner, we moved to Ceres, which is actually spitting distance from Geelong. I think it is actually regarded as a suburb of Geelong, and yet the conversation with Geelong folk either goes 'Ceres! I love Ceres, we wanted to live there' or 'Ceres! where is that?'. I'd call it a Hamlet, desperately needing a milkbar or such like. The home we bought is in need of much TLC. This TLC will take place over the next 20 years I despair. But for now I have a lovely big studio in my big back garden! Its probably the nicest room in the house to honest.

Early after we moved in, we found out we were pregnant - very exciting but not the best timing for DIY projects! Last year I had my second Solo Show entitled NARRATIVE which I hung when 6 months pregnant. It was a sell out. Last November we had our little Bub - a gorgeous little spirited girl named Maeve - and wow how things have changed. I now work in 30-40 minute catnap intervals. I actually think it has made me more productive.  There simply isn't time to worry about it, just get it done. ROADTRIP my solo show at Boom Gallery happened in June (There are still a couple pieces left - available online for those interested) and my next show is coming up at the end of August up in Orange NSW at The Corner Store Gallery, entitled SUBURBAN REQUIEM. This collection is all on paper.  I felt I needed a change and a challenge to step away from canvas for a moment. Its been a great explorative experience with less known mediums. 

So whats next for 2018, 

Upcoming August 27 -16 September - SUBURBAN REQUIEM  @CornerStoreGallery, Orange NSW 

September - Series or works for @Mayfield in Newtown VIC

November - Got something percolating here, will let the secret out of the bag a little closer to the time

2019 - Looking for opportunities for Group shows and possible Solo show.