Having spent the past few months dipping my toe back into a teaching role, I have rediscovered my love for being in the classroom.  It can't be anywhere though I have come to acknowledge. It has to be the right fit. It needs to fit you creatively. It needs to be a space with the right ethos, right environment, students that want to learn and who you can yourself learn from. 

I have taken the leap to kick off my own classes in my wonderful Warehouse space 'The Arts Grocer' on the south side of Melbourne in up and coming Elsternwick.  I have been here now for the past 2.5 years and there is so much creative talent on my doorstep, but everyone hides themselves away.  The creative energy is definitely here, its just not as transparent as it is on the north side.  I am excited to open up my space, for learning, creating and exploration.

I've started reading 'Big Magic'. Its nothing I haven't heard before, but sometimes you find words when you need to hear them, and often only when you are able to listen to them.  Its about living a creative life. Challenging that fear and getting on with it, because everyone is entitled to live their life creatively in whatever guise that may take. Give it a crack. While my head has been ticking over, the past few days in the studio have been a total blessing. Unexpected 'time' has been afforded me this week and I have spent hours of unplanned experimentation without rules or outcomes. Thank you for knocking me down, because its just given me the kick I needed.

exploration 1.JPG