2016 Feels good. It has a creative energy to it. I've already felt the spark and Im hitting this year with guns blazing.  Back in my larger studio at the Wunderplant Studios, I have more freedom to make a mess and get down to the real nitty gritty.  Already a lot of planning and preparation has taken place. There are new directions, new experimentations, new collaborations and new project work already gaining traction. 

Project Series: Slow Dissolve - Landscapes and Modernist Bayside PT1  

Project Series: Slow Dissolve - Florascapes in Interiors - A Reflection on Flora in Private Spaces PTII

CALL OUT to all Creatives : I am on the hunt for subjects for the above series of works. I am looking for Modernist homes and exterior garden landscapes that I can come visit and can capture as part of PT1 and looking for interior spaces - residences / studios / offices  that use flora and plants to create curated spaces, which I can capture as part of PT11. If you would be happy for me to pay you a visit, please contact me at info@amywright.com.au