Into The Fields - Series Exclusive to Turner and Lane

Introducing "Into The Fields' - Exclusive series of Original Artworks are now available through all Turner and Lane Stores across Melbourne. 

Press Release:

Melbourne based, AMY WRIGHT  is a multidisciplinary creative with a diverse background in 3d Form, Painting and Drawing, Surface Pattern Design and  Floral Artistry.  Wright is the hands behind Wunderplant Studio - a burgeoning Flower studio - that provides the Wedding, Events and Interiors Industries with Botanical solutions for space specific installation.  Nestled alongside the Flowers is Wright creative studio; prolific with Botanic inspired sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Wright, has formal training in both Fine Arts and Design and has been honing her craft from childhood. With a childhood that saw moves between UK and Australia, Amy was affected by the transitory nature of our environment, people, time and events she and has continued to be influenced by her immediate surroundings. Key influence can be accredited to her early teachings in the craft of Botanical painting with many hours spend composing artworks alongside her Grandmother at her Geelong property in coastal Victoria; as well as the tutorship under Dutch and Bauhaus trained artist Yolanda Calkeon. 

Wright's painting work is informed by the botanical materials she works alongside and surrounds herself with on a daily basis. The current body of original artworks -  ‘Into the Field’ -  are influenced by botanics in landscape.  The works look to emulate the essence of the botanical forms in their natural environment. Plants are represented through rich colour and texture and ethereal patterning;  referencing the plant forms' transitory nature in its landscape.