With the advent of 2015 and a nicely sorted painting studio within the walls of the Wunderplant Studio, I feel ready to launch into new works. Having taken a hiatus of sorts from painting, illustration and textile design over the past couple of years, to focus on the creation of Wunderplant - My floral studio based in Melbourne - now feels like the time throw myself into the deep end again.  I've been craving new challenges, new experiences and new locations. The tail end of 2014 presented me with some pretty full on scenarios. I welcomed a very special gentleman into my life after a long period as a single person; my family structure was thrown into turmoil with my mother having an unexpected stroke and many work projects either came to an end, shifted or morphed into new directions. Lets just say there was a bit of a shake up. While mentally and physically exhausting, these changes were the catalyst I needed to get back to my painting world  - with confidence and gusto! 

More as a tool for myself; to force the jump onto the treadmill of continuous painting, I will be painting to a different theme each month. I hope through this subject directed method, I can explore new painterly styles and techniques and explore new landscapes without being constrained  by past working methods.  This body of work - and I hope this translates from the page - is all about exploration and creative experimentation. 

As a way of reducing my instinct of becoming 'precious' about my work from each monthly series, all works are for sale and new works will be loaded into a monthly specific online store.

The 1st of each month, I will be running a 24 hour Instagram Auction, with one piece of work from the previous month auctioned off to the highest bidder.  All artworks are original and a one off.  Follow my working process on Instagram @amywrightstudio and @wunderplant


January is a big month for weddings at WUNDERPLANT . We have ALOT of flowers in the studio so the January series is about capturing these arrangements. Its a nice way to immortalise some of the flowers. The process of wedding flower styling is such that the flowers only exist for a short time in their arranged guise and then they wilt away. Its a very transitory process, so it is pleasing to capture their short lifespan.