Ive never been very good at finding the time to sit down and write here. I find that when i do have some time, i just want to be creating art, putting pencil and brush to paper and canvas. Im old fashioned that way, its my go to analogue default.  

Since last posting here - 2 years, dont judge - much has changed in my personal world as well as my studio world. Reading those past posts, I reflect that back then I had time in spadeS for painting. 2 years on, its kind of a tag team effort!. A year or so ago we moved out to the 'country' - i put that in inverted commas because while, yes we are on tank water, have a septic system, no gas, and our main source of heating is a wood fire burner, we moved to Ceres, which is actually spitting distance from Geelong. I think it is actually regarded as a suburb of Geelong, and yet the conversation with Geelong folk either goes 'Ceres! I love Ceres, we wanted to live there' or 'Ceres! where is that?'. I'd call it a Hamlet, desperately needing a milkbar or such like. The home we bought is in need of much TLC. This TLC will take place over the next 20 years I despair. But for now I have a lovely big studio in my big back garden! Its probably the nicest room in the house to honest.

Early after we moved in, we found out we were pregnant - very exciting but not the best timing for DIY projects! Last year I had my second Solo Show entitled NARRATIVE which I hung when 6 months pregnant. It was a sell out. Last November we had our little Bub - a gorgeous little spirited girl named Maeve - and wow how things have changed. I now work in 30-40 minute catnap intervals. I actually think it has made me more productive.  There simply isn't time to worry about it, just get it done. ROADTRIP my solo show at Boom Gallery happened in June (There are still a couple pieces left - available online for those interested) and my next show is coming up at the end of August up in Orange NSW at The Corner Store Gallery, entitled SUBURBAN REQUIEM. This collection is all on paper.  I felt I needed a change and a challenge to step away from canvas for a moment. Its been a great explorative experience with less known mediums. 

So whats next for 2018, 

Upcoming August 27 -16 September - SUBURBAN REQUIEM  @CornerStoreGallery, Orange NSW 

September - Series or works for @Mayfield in Newtown VIC

November - Got something percolating here, will let the secret out of the bag a little closer to the time

2019 - Looking for opportunities for Group shows and possible Solo show.





Hunting Collective | A collaboration with Hunting For George

Its always exciting working in collaboration with others, so I was super chuffed to be invited to participate in this years' Hunting Collective with the fabulous team at Hunting For George. 12 artists from around Australian were given a Clock with an open brief to do something 'awesome' with the time machine.  The outcomes are all brilliant. The best bit; all these tick tock artworks are up for Auction through Hunting for George, so you can bid and fingers crossed win yourself an original artwork that has a very useful purpose of telling you the time!

To bid on the Auction, which ends FRIDAY 9 SEPTEMBER Visit here


Photography: Martina Gemmola @gemmola  and @huntingforgeorge

Photography: Martina Gemmola @gemmola  and @huntingforgeorge

The crazy kids from HFG came to visit the studio. I was interviewed, photographed and filmed - awks! but so fun - you can check out the article and video.

Photography: Martina Gemmola @gemmola  and @huntingforgeorge

Photography: Martina Gemmola @gemmola  and @huntingforgeorge


I've been busy in the studio these last few weeks of winter, working on a new series to be shown at Ivy Muse in Armadale at the end of September. Below are a few teaser images from the  studio of whats to come. Expect colourful abstract still life interpretations, of texture and pattern, inspired by the botanical world and the floral artform of Ikebana.

IVY MUSE Botanical Emporium - 1250 High street - Armadale - Melbourne - @ivymuse_melb

FALLOWLAND | Solo Exhibition currently at Brunswick Street Gallery

Current Solo Show - FALLOWLAND - running at Brunswick Street Gallery until the 23rd June

322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy | | 9942 3141

All Sales enquiries direct to - further images here

SWIDDEN | Oil and mixed media on canvas | © Amy Wright

SWIDDEN | Oil and mixed media on canvas | © Amy Wright


Fallowland is a body of work by Melbourne Artist Amy Wright, framing the premise that

for sustained growth there must be a period of laying fallow, a time where human management

is removed and the landscape is allowed to be reclaimed by the natural environment to recover

it’s nutrient rich makeup. These fallow landscapes often appear barren or untamed, with the

plant life growing there, deemed as weed and waste, and yet resurgence beneath the surface is

is structured and prolific.


The subjects that have inspired Fallowland are the quiet and forgotten border-scapes - the

 cliff face or flank of a canal bank;  the edge of land meeting ocean, and the 

discarded and fallow lands of demolished construction.  Colour is used as a narrative, where

the story is told of the dichotomy between the warm earth shades authentic to a natural terrain

and the intense pique of colour that attest to the flippancy of discarded human excess.


Wright draws creative direction from these unoccupied spaces, to present a series of 

explorative abstract landscapes, in which she interprets the strata of the landscape into a

fluid mapping of colour, texture and contour. Reflected in the works is a gentle rhythm that 

pushes the landscape to a precipice; a space between empty and full, where the viewer

looks upon a quiet and personal reverie.


When you feel like you've hit the bottom, all you can do is look up. It always changes your view. 

ex 4.JPG


Having spent the past few months dipping my toe back into a teaching role, I have rediscovered my love for being in the classroom.  It can't be anywhere though I have come to acknowledge. It has to be the right fit. It needs to fit you creatively. It needs to be a space with the right ethos, right environment, students that want to learn and who you can yourself learn from. 

I have taken the leap to kick off my own classes in my wonderful Warehouse space 'The Arts Grocer' on the south side of Melbourne in up and coming Elsternwick.  I have been here now for the past 2.5 years and there is so much creative talent on my doorstep, but everyone hides themselves away.  The creative energy is definitely here, its just not as transparent as it is on the north side.  I am excited to open up my space, for learning, creating and exploration.

I've started reading 'Big Magic'. Its nothing I haven't heard before, but sometimes you find words when you need to hear them, and often only when you are able to listen to them.  Its about living a creative life. Challenging that fear and getting on with it, because everyone is entitled to live their life creatively in whatever guise that may take. Give it a crack. While my head has been ticking over, the past few days in the studio have been a total blessing. Unexpected 'time' has been afforded me this week and I have spent hours of unplanned experimentation without rules or outcomes. Thank you for knocking me down, because its just given me the kick I needed.

exploration 1.JPG


2016 Feels good. It has a creative energy to it. I've already felt the spark and Im hitting this year with guns blazing.  Back in my larger studio at the Wunderplant Studios, I have more freedom to make a mess and get down to the real nitty gritty.  Already a lot of planning and preparation has taken place. There are new directions, new experimentations, new collaborations and new project work already gaining traction. 

Project Series: Slow Dissolve - Landscapes and Modernist Bayside PT1  

Project Series: Slow Dissolve - Florascapes in Interiors - A Reflection on Flora in Private Spaces PTII

CALL OUT to all Creatives : I am on the hunt for subjects for the above series of works. I am looking for Modernist homes and exterior garden landscapes that I can come visit and can capture as part of PT1 and looking for interior spaces - residences / studios / offices  that use flora and plants to create curated spaces, which I can capture as part of PT11. If you would be happy for me to pay you a visit, please contact me at


I love that winter in Australia sees glorious sunshine shades of the myriad of Wattles.  The dark skies that we have been graced with recently in Melbourne make a stunning backdown to these golden yellow hues.  So obsessed am I that there has been a flurry of Wattle inspired works lining the Studio walls.  Sunny yellows just make you happy!



STUDIO VESALI - Work in Progress

Well I am stupidly excited about working on this collaboration with Talented Photographer Ash Vesali. Vesali is in the process of opening up his first photography studio STUDIO VESALI - due for opening in early August.  I was pretty happy to be asked to collaborate with him on a floor mural for the entrance to - what will be - a spectacular space! It'll all be taking place in the next few days, but I'm loving the development process and wanted to share some of the design directions.  Much thanks has to go to the team at Haymes Paint, who have come on board as a sponsor for this project and have supplied the beautiful paints I will be creating the artwork with. Wish me luck!

SPOTTED - Globewest Furniture

While half the year sees me swamped with flowers and weddings over at WUNDERPLANT, the Winter months allow me more time in the studio and to take on an assisting role, working alongside some talented stylist, designers and makers and photographers. Through assisting, I have had some recent opportunities that have seen my artworks being picked up for use in some of these shoots.  It is a humbling experience to have these respected creative people respond so positively to my work and choose to hang it, side by side with some pretty gorgeous product!  Thanks to Globewest Furniture for including this piece in one of their recent shoots.


Globe west Furniture / Styling: Ruth Welsby / Photography: Martina Gemmola

Thanks to the ever lovely Ruth Welsby for popping in a couple of my artworks into her glorious shoot in this past weekends Sunday Age - M Magazine.  Styling @ruthwelsby  Photography @mikebakerphotographer. Wall painted in that stunning colour by @haymespaint


I've been working away for a wee while on these works and waiting with much anticipation to go live with the new site Works to Live By.  Its a must see site, curated by talented Pip Castle and Lizzie Deller and it focus is supporting local home grown talent.  I am humbled to be part of this new beginning, because I know its going to grow to be an online stage for many many a creative talent.  Here are the works available through Works To Live By @workstoliveby

Photography by Sarah Anderson  @sarahanderson 



Well its got rather chilly in the studio all of a sudden with our Melbourne cold snap. The heater is bleeting out at my feet to keep those toes warm, while my hands working away on some new works. Just a quick few snaps of the workings and goings on...


Into The Fields - Series Exclusive to Turner and Lane

Introducing "Into The Fields' - Exclusive series of Original Artworks are now available through all Turner and Lane Stores across Melbourne. 

Press Release:

Melbourne based, AMY WRIGHT  is a multidisciplinary creative with a diverse background in 3d Form, Painting and Drawing, Surface Pattern Design and  Floral Artistry.  Wright is the hands behind Wunderplant Studio - a burgeoning Flower studio - that provides the Wedding, Events and Interiors Industries with Botanical solutions for space specific installation.  Nestled alongside the Flowers is Wright creative studio; prolific with Botanic inspired sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Wright, has formal training in both Fine Arts and Design and has been honing her craft from childhood. With a childhood that saw moves between UK and Australia, Amy was affected by the transitory nature of our environment, people, time and events she and has continued to be influenced by her immediate surroundings. Key influence can be accredited to her early teachings in the craft of Botanical painting with many hours spend composing artworks alongside her Grandmother at her Geelong property in coastal Victoria; as well as the tutorship under Dutch and Bauhaus trained artist Yolanda Calkeon. 

Wright's painting work is informed by the botanical materials she works alongside and surrounds herself with on a daily basis. The current body of original artworks -  ‘Into the Field’ -  are influenced by botanics in landscape.  The works look to emulate the essence of the botanical forms in their natural environment. Plants are represented through rich colour and texture and ethereal patterning;  referencing the plant forms' transitory nature in its landscape. 

WIP - Turner and Lane

New works are in progress for sale through Turner and Lane stores in Melbourne. It has been a super busy time for AW STUDIO. The studio has a nice new patina of paint sloshed on the floors and the smell of paint in the air is battling with the strong scent of fresh picked roses and stephanotis permeating from behind Wunderplant's walls.  Between the drying paint, the suspended in works Everlasting Orbs - hanging from the ceiling - and umpteen vessels of flower arrangements ready to be installed at weekend weddings, there isn't much room to move! But by golly we are having fun!